March 29, 2009

Super sayt za literatura

Maps of the Paris and London metros

MIT To Make All Faculty Publications Open Access

Resources for economists


5-second delay to change your mind before sending email?

NP complete problems

The big takeover

NY-area commute

Virgin music stores closing (Times Square and Union Square)

The Simpsons – linguistic humor

Natasha Richardson

Uchilishtno chetivo – SASHT

Chastni i dqrjavni uchilishta

What makes a top 10 CS department

The science of networks – movie

FIDE postpones Anand-Topalov WCh match to 2010

Virgin music stores shutting down

Doctoral Candidates Anticipate Hard Times

Salon on Watchmen

Web usage data outline map of knowledge,0,5704183.column

About the strength of weak ties, again

What makes a plane stay in the air, anyway?

Brooklyn revealed

10 ‘secrets’ you shouldn’t keep from your doctor

Number of uninsured rises a lot

Harvard, Private Equity and the Education Bubble

Lessing on Kindle’s new options…

Two stories about colleges – liberal arts and one more

Charles Aznavour and Katia Aznavour

Kenken etc.

Diversions from the Economist


Nedyalko Yordanov

Topalov-Kamsky result

As It Falters, Eastern Europe Raises Risks

Student Expectations Seen as Causing Grade Disputes

“You and your research” by Richard Hamming

Three Brief Notes on NYT’s Spread-of-Starbucks Maps

Where workers take most sick days

Download Albertines Google Search History

Academy Awards through the years

Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Program

Washington Post to End Book World as Stand-Alone Section

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