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The Airport Security Follies

Notable obits, 2007

Humans Evolving 100 Times Faster Than Ever

On Facebook, Scholars Link Up With Data

About I-35 :)

Columbia Expansion Gets Green Light

Conference on Computational Social Science

Social Action software

Yahoo! Answers, A Librarian’s Worst Nightmare

Google chains :)

Bound For Academic Glory?,0,2812372.story?coll=la-opinion-rightrail

A sequel with the same ending (about the writers strike)

Borges and the Foreseeable Future

High productivity software for complex networks

Illinois advanced computing Institute funds first three projects:
Synergistic Research on Parallel Programming for Petascale Applications
Next-Generation Acceleration Systems for Advanced Science and Engineering Applications
Cultural Informatics

Friend Game: Behind the online hoax that led to a girl’s suicide

The Razzies

Idiot of the year nominees

Complete list of Academy Award nominees

Map of Queens neighborhoods

Really cool!

Making a hash of it

Growing up online

Essay Topic Generator

Man Braves Freezing Weather To Cross Parking Lot

Extreme commuting

Is the tipping point toast?

Professor: Fractions should be scrapped

Beware the bowl: Double dipping spreads bacteria

An Experimental Study of the Coloring Problem on Human Subject Networks

The secret life of a blog

Don’t ask the doctors; ask their patients

Microsoft Adds Research Lab in East as Others Cut Back

Senate Looking at Endowments as Tuition Rises

AGE OF RICHES; Elite Prep Schools, College-Size Endowments

Brearley Tops Survey of Private Schools

Movies in Development Hell

Detroit Winterblast

Keith Devlin’s home page

Cool math columns

Random Walks to Football Rankings

Interviews related to ILO 2007

ICPC 2007 finalists (100 teams)

At Harvard, a Proposal to Publish Free on Web

Harvard Opts In to ‘Opt Out’ Plan

Harvard Faculty Adopts Open-Access Requirement

The parsing song

Morphing images

Art that makes an impact

Dumb and Dumber: Are Americans Hostile to Knowledge?

Shostakovich – Waltz 2 From Jazz Suite 2

Alain Robbe-Grillet dies,47-0@2-651865,54-999097@51-999297,0.html

Most popular social network sites per country and region

Survey: Americans switching faiths, dropping out

List of Oscar winners

Between Friends
Sites like Facebook are proving the value of the “social graph.”

$60 Million Gift for Stony Brook

The Edge Annual Question 2007

When Google Grows Up

Truth or Terrorism? The Real Story Behind Five Years of High Alerts

The Fear Factory

Computational science: A hard statistical view
Bart Selman,2704,2256955,00.asp

The state of machine translation gets a makeover, lays off 40

The Ivory Tower Leans Left, but Why?
(+ follow ups)

Real-time flight delays (FAA site)

Novelty and collective attention by Fang Wu and Bernardo A. Huberman

The biggest users of H-1 visas

Berkeley Raises $1.1 Billion to Keep Professors From Ivy League

Future projects to be funded by DARPA

Physics Journal May Reconsider Wikipedia Ban

Bill Gates slams H-1B visa cap

FINAL 2007 Australian Ranking of ICT Conferences

Interview with Arthur C. Clarke

Sci-fi guru Clarke to have secular funeral,0,1509032,print.story

Math problem solved after 40 years.

Make your research known (Youtube-like web site for scientific research)

Search engine for Computational linguistics,8599,1724522,00.html

Don’t text and walk

Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor
had an opportunity few brain
scientists would wish for: One morning, she realized she was having a
massive stroke. As it happened — as she felt her brain functions slip
away one by one, speech, movement, understanding — she studied and
remembered every moment. This is a powerful story about how our brains
define us and connect us to the world and to one another.

Nice Tower! Whos Your Architect?

What Will Be Left of Gehry’s Vision for Brooklyn?

Algorithms Are Terrific. But to Search Smarter, Find a Person.

Google’s latest headache

Google Patents Detecting, Tracking, Targeting Kids

It’s the Network, Stupid: Why Everything in Medicine Is Connected

Ordinary Cubans gain access to cell service

NSF fellowships

The idiot of the week

AP Language, Computer Courses Cut

Reports of AP CS’ Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

Math Horizons

In Storing 1s and 0s, the Question Is $

Java Simulations for Statistical and Thermal Physics

Google Web search features

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A Pentagon Olive Branch to Academe

He Wrote 200,000 Books (but Computers Did Some of the Work)

‘An Evangelical Manifesto’ criticizes politics of faith

The Algorithm: Idiom of Modern Science (highfalutin essay by Bernard Chazelle)

Humans nearly wiped out 70,000 years ago, study says

Advice for the tenure track

Are C and C++ losing ground?

Atheist soldier claims harassment

Carnegie Mellon Algorithm Identifies Top 100 Blogs for News

Negation Field

Chinese characters and culture

Centrality measures of 7611 journals

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