Tenure discussions

U. Michigan is planning to switch to a tenure cycle with a 10-year cap (instead of the current and more standard 6-7 cycle).


Under the proposal, each department may end up having its own rules
about the tenure process, including allowing or not a second try if the
first one fails and also allowing or not tenure track faculty to go

Nothing is decided yet. Watch this space for updates.

This reminds me to post the first entry in my list of “Ten most
useful blogs”. This would be a free and very informative site on Higher


Here is an interesting recent link about tenure from this site:


More blogs from my top ten will follow (in no particular order) in future postings.

Resuming the blog

After a long hiatus, I am planning to restart the blog.

I-LIST and DR-LIST have been very successful. It turns out that I
sent out 235 messages to I-LIST and 239 messages to DR-LIST since the
last posting in this blog. Sending email from elm is much easier for me
than logging on to the blog server and editing html pages. At the same
time, maintaining a blog presence is also quite important to reach out
to new audiences.