List of NLP evaluations

I had to quickly compile a list of existing NLP evaluations. Each of
these includes a standardized task description, a corpus, and
evaluation software.

NP bracketing


Clause ident.


semantic roles

dep. parsing


pp attachment




IE in biology



There are many other tasks, e.g., the KDD cup.

Google to open lab in Ann Arbor

Google has decided to open a lab in Ann Arbor. Two of the main directions of work will be targeted ads and library scanning.

Web courses related to my research interests

I have collected a list of course web pages that are relevant to CLAIR.

My goal was to list courses that tend to:

(1) are taught by some of the best people in the respective areas
(2) make their reading lists and notes publicly available
(3) cover the state of the art in topics relevant to clair

Here is the result:

Please send me suggestions for other sites to add. I am particularly
looking for more good courses on Machine Translation, Statistical NLP,
Text Mining, Information Retrieval, Biological NLP, and Graph/Network