New NSF rule

… NSF will require that either the version of record or the final accepted manuscript in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and papers in juried conference proceedings or transactions must:

“be available for download, reading and *analysis* free of charge no later than 12 months after initial publication”


New French bookstore in New York

I was very excited about this new bookstore so I went there just a few
days after it opened. The building is magnificent but the store needs
a lot of work. The lighting is really horrible. Why is it so dark? I
couldn’t see my way up the stairs or read anything on the second
floor. The book selection is very disappointing for a store that
claims to carry 14,000 titles. Some areas are completely missing
(e.g., science books). The comic book (BD) and poetry selections are
very small. Many bestselling authors are represented by just 1-2
titles. I am not talking about Patrick Modiano (who who the Nobel
Prize a few days earlier) and who could understandably have sold
out. I mean Beigbeder, Simenon, Kundera, Makine, etc. They had
Pancol’s Muchachas vol 3 but no vol 1 or 2. I ended up leaving the
store with just two books and a BD. I hope that more choices will
become available in the future. If not, it will be back to
or a trip to Montreal for me.



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Labyrinth books – West 112th St near Broadway

Idlewild books – West 19th St near 5th Avenue

Rizzoli books – West 57th St near 6th Avenue (update May 2014 – unfortunately, this location is now closed)


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East 86th St near 2nd Avenue

East 38th St near 5th Avenue

+ a few more places, eg on Broadway near W 63rd St, South Park Avenue near 16th St, Lexington Avenue near E 64th St.


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