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* [02-17-2007] BlogoCenter's Site on-line
The goal of the BlogoCenter project is to develop innovative technologies to build a system that will (1) continuously monitor, collect, and store personal Weblogs (or blogs) at a central location, (2) discover hidden structures and trends automatically from the blogs, and (3) make them easily accessible to general users. By making the new information on the blogs easy to discover and access, this project is helping blogs realize their full potential for societal change as the "grassroots media." It is also collecting an important hypertext dataset of human interactions for further analysis by the research community.

In developing such a system, the project investigates new research challenges in three areas: First, it is developing novel monitoring algorithms that discovers and downloads new information from rapidly-changing distributed sources with minimal delay. Second, it is developing new text and graph mining techniques appropriate for large-scale hypertext corpora. Finally, it is developing novel text ranking and summarization algorithms to help the users access new and high-quality information quickly from the rapidly-evolving blogs.

Broadly, the project will make a significant impact to the scientific community by making the collected dataset and the source code of the prototype available by other research groups, accelerating progress in the blog-related research. The new research findings will be disseminated via scientific conferences and journals, spurring significant advancements in distributed Web-source monitoring, text summarization and ranking, and large-scale text and graph mining. In addition, this project will support graduate and undergraduate student research and foster cross-institution collaboration.


This work has been partially supported by the National Science Foundation grant "Collaborative Research: BlogoCenter - Infrastructure for Collecting, Mining and Accessing Blogs", jointly awarded to UCLA and UMich as IIS 0534323 to UMich and IIS 0534784 to UCLA
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* Junghoo Cho (Associate Professor)
* Ka Cheung Sia (Ph.D. Student)
* Uri Schonfeld (Ph.D. Student)
* Amruta Joshi (Ph.D. Student)
* Chu-Cheng Hsieh (Ph.D. Student)
* Michael J. Welch (Ph.D. Student)
University of Michigan
* Dragomir Radev (Professor)
* Pradeep Muthukrishnan (PhD Student)
* Joshua Gerrish (MS Student)
* Ahmed Hassan (Ph.D. Student)
* Vahed Qazvinian (Ph.D. Student)
* Mark Joseph (MS Student)


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